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About Us

First and foremost we are an Alaskan family owned and operated retail greenhouse, tree and shrub nursery in Anchorage, Alaska since opening in 1989. We have been growing in and with Alaska since the mid 1950s. We locally grow quality plants suited for our area.

We have 27,000 square feet of greenhouse space and over one acre of nursery area. In our garden center area we have pots, soils, fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, bulbs and tools to aid in your gardening needs. Our staff is highly trained and can answer almost any garden question relating to the home garden in Anchorage.

Trees and Shrubs

Our tree and shrub lot opens in May and is well stocked through the summer and into the fall. We have a complete line of deciduous and non-deciduous trees and shrubs. Planting a tree is a great way to improve landscaping, for a tree can add color, shade, fruit, and a point of interest in the yard.We carry winter hardy trees and shrubs that come from nurseries in Minnesota, the Pacific Northwest and Canada.


Many of our perennials are started from seeds in the greenhouse and are wintered over so you are sure to get a winter hardy plant that comes back year after year. We also grow perennials from cutting and roots stocks or divisions.

Some perennials prefer the sun, some the shade and some just don't care. Some are grown for the blooms and others the foliage. Some perennials bloom early in the spring, some early summer, mid summer and even late summer so you can have something happening in your garden all during the growing season.


Summer in Alaska would not be the same without the color and fragrance of flowers for the home or office gardens. We grow a wide assortment of annuals for your summer garden.

With our long days and cool temperatures, we can grow plants as well or better than many "lower 48" areas. The colors are more vibrant, the plants more vigorous and many tourists are amazed at how well plants grow in Anchorage. Our list of plants we grow as annuals includes Alyssum, Lobelia both upright and trailing, Pansy, Petunia both upright and trailing, Livingstone Daisy, Marigold, Martha Washington Geraniums, Zonal Geraniums, Ivy Geraniums, Tea Roses, Scented leaf Geraniums, We also grow Impatiens, New Guinea Impatiens, Double Rosebud Impatiens, Bacopa, Million Bells, Nemesia, Schizanthus, Fuchsia, Begonia both wax leafed and Non Stop, Campanula, Snapdragons & more!

Hanging Baskets

We pride ourselves in the many types of hanging baskets that we grow. Besides the popular "3" (Fuchsia, Geranium and Begonia), we also grow Lobelia, Campanula, Million Bells, Trailing Petunia, Bacopa and Fantastic mixed baskets.

Herbs & Vegetables

Dimond Greenhouses grows the herbs Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary and others. Vegetables such as Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Squash, Zucchini, Jalapeno Pepper, Celery, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Lettuce, Broccoli, Kohlrabi, Spinach, Bok Choy, and more!

Spring Preparation

Preparing for the spring garden is something all Alaskans look forward to after the long dark winter. Gardeners have an itch to get their hands in the soil. We carry a full line of soils, seeds, bulbs, pots, flats, baskets and starter plants for the spring gardener who wants to get an early start on the season. After the long winter we have lots of customers who come in just to see some green. Our greenhouses are open to the public and we welcome you to wander through to see what we are doing to get ready for spring. Most of our plants are grown from seeds or cuttings. We pride ourselves in having Alaskan Grown plants that we grow here. We do have some "plugs" shipped in for many of our baskets stuffer type plants. Most of these have a patent and have to be purchased as plugs as they cannot be reproduced from cuttings or seeds without permission from the patented grower.

HOW TO Harden off plants:

All plants grown indoor (either in the house or in a greenhouse) should be Hardened off to prevent wind and/or sunburn damage.

It takes four (4) to seven (7) days to harden plants off. Set the plants outdoors in a shady, protected area during the day when temperatures are above freezing. Gradually increase the amount of direct sunlight. Bring the plants indoors at night if there is any chance of frost. Even a light frost can injure the soft new growth of plants.

Memorial Day weekend is the traditional planting out date. Make sure the Birch trees in your area have fully leafed out before leaving plants outdoors overnight. The Birch trees are Mother Nature's guide to when we have had our last frost.


Christmas at Dimond Greenhouses is a busy time. We start in mid-November with a shipment of greens from the Pacific Northwest for the early orders of wreaths and centerpieces. The season really begins just after Thanksgiving. We have trees from 4' to 8' that we hang in the greenhouse to display them. We keep the greenhouse cool and mist the trees frequently to keep them fresh. For the "do-it-yourselfer" we have fresh cuts greens and all the materials necessary for making your own wreath or centerpiece. Berried Juniper, Noble Fir and Western Red Cedar are available in large or small quantities. We also have evening classes for those that need some instruction. Alaskan grown Poinsettias are available from Thanksgiving through Christmas. These colorful plants will enhance any home or office and are easy to care for. We also carry a nice selection of House Plants for the home or office. Make Dimond Greenhouses your one-stop-shop for Christmas decorating.

Indoor Plants

Fall is a great time for house plants. Dimond Greenhouses has a great selection of house plants in many sizes to choose from.

We carry a great selection of bonsai plants. These make great gifts for any gardener and enable gardeners to grow plants all year long. Succulents are perfect for new gardeners and super easy to care for and grow. Carnivorous plants including Venus Fly Traps, Sundews, and Pitcher Plants are a great addition to any house plant collection. A neat way to get kids interested in gardening too. Don't forget to check out our Tillandsia. These Air Plants come in all sizes and shapes. They are easy to grow and require little care. Indoor gardening has never been more exciting. Stop in and see our great plants today.

Fall Time

Fall is the time to plant fall bulbs. We carry a great selection of top quality Tulip, Daffodil, Crocus and other fall bulbs. The bulbs arrive starting in late August and can be planted as long as the ground has not frozen. (Pointed End Up!) Just one of the many tips we provide.

Other Fall Activities

Outdoor gardening starts winding down as fall progresses. For the last mowing of the lawn set the mower a notch higher. Perennials should be cut back and mulched. Water all trees and shrubs well especially evergreens.

Winter Storage (Fall)

One of the services we provide is Winter Storage of hanging baskets and planters of Begonias, Geraniums and / or Fuchsias. We call it "Bench Rental" because that is actually what you are doing: renting bench space. This is a service unique to Alaska. We have your plants for about 8 months and you get them for the remaining 4 months. Doesn't seem fair as they are your plants but that's how it is. We keep the greenhouse cool for the winter storage period. The plants are pruned back when they come in and go into a semi-dormant stage. Our care during the winter is to keep them alive. In the spring we do any final pruning and start them back into growth. Watering, fertilizing and tip pruning are required. The cost to store the plants varies. This is a labor intensive service and it is our policy to make sure you have nice plants in the spring. If for some reason the plant doesn't survive the storage period we will replace it. Most customers start to bring their plants in around Labor Day (depending on the weather) and start picking them up in the spring from mid-May through Memorial Day.

Top Soil

We have the highest quality topsoil during the summer months. You can shovel your own for small quantities or we can load your open pick-up or trailer with our Bobcat front end loader. A "SCOOP" of soil is about one half a cubic yard (weighs approximately 600 pounds).

Smaller pick-ups can handle one scoop, standard half ton pick-ups can handle 2 scoops and heavy duty can handle 3 or even 4 scoops.

Topsoil Delivery

Dimond Greenhouses offers topsoil delivery to Anchorage locations only. Give us a call for pricing and scheduling.

Gift Certificates

We have gift certificates available in any amount. They never expire! They will always be honored as long as you have the actual certificate. We can also help you with gift certificates over the phone and either keep them for pick up or mail them out for you! What a great gift for the Alaskan gardener!